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Pick The Perfect Competition Suit (Guide)

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We've enlisted the help of Crystallini Bikini to help us curate this post with beautiful suits and athletes too! For jewelry, robes, and heels visit Center Stage Competition Jewels.

Months of preparation can be derailed by wearing the wrong competition suit! Choosing the perfect suit not only provides a confidence boost but, it can also hide stubborn areas and accentuate your strongest features. Here are a few tips to guide you in selecting the perfect competition suit.

Follow Federation Rules - Become familiar with the rules and regulations of the federation sponsoring your competition. BEWARE of thong like bottoms (discouraged in most federations)! Don't risk lower placement due to not following the rules of your competion federation. For NPC IFBB NANBF show schedules and contest rules by class click HERE 

(NPC Bikini & NPC Figure)


Choose a style that accentuates your body type - Choosing the perfect bottom cut is key, especially for bikini competitors who want to accentuate full and round glutes. Opt for a less cheeky cut if this is a problem spot. 

Several options are also available for suit tops (usually triangle or halter top). A halter top provides more coverage in the chest area (if you feel more comfortable with additional coverage or have a larger chest size). Triangle tops are the most popular option. Straps and center piece connectors can be matched according to your style and color preferences. 



Steer clear of distracting colors - Neon colors will draw more attention to your suit than your physique and highlight stubborn areas.


It's a good rule of thumb to choose a suit color that compliments your complexion and hair color. You can wear the colors you love best but, it's nice to know what colors and shades compliment you best. 


Warm Skin Tones - Gold, Bronze, Deep Red, Dark Brown, Deep Yellow, Burnt Orange, Olive Green

Cool Skin Tones - Emerald Green, Red, Plum, Raspberry, Sapphire Blue, Pink, Lavender, Powder Blue

Neutral Skin Stones - The best of both worlds! Great for most color choices.


Red - Browns, greens and teals, oranges, and red-orange tones.

Blonde/Platinum - Most colors including gold and silver. Golden blondes pair well with pastel tones such as coral, mint, turquoise/aqua, and pink.

Brown/Black - Darker tones including burgundy, royal blues and navies, plums and purples. 

High Quality Crystals - High quality crystals provide serious sparkle on the stage! If budget is a concern, choose a suit design with less crystals or incorporate more affordable Preciosa stones into your design.

Simple designs with little customization are handy measures for reducing suit costs. Prices will increase as the number and color of crystals increases. Expect to pay the most for intricate designs (most prevalent on figure, physique, and bb posing suits).

Budget friendly DIY tips include stoning your own suit or picking a suit with printed fabric. Printed fabric requires less stone coverage and still provides a beautiful suit design. 


(Moderate Coverage)

(Full Coverage WBFF)

(Full Coverage Posing Suit)

(Light Coverage W/ Printed Fabric)

All suits provided in this post were designed by Ellen Holmes of Crystallini Bikini. To start your next suit design, be sure to visit her website!

Crystallini Bikini - Designer:Ellen Holmes
Instagram @crystallinibikini



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