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Budget Fashionistas Can Compete Too!

Competing in Bikini Figure Wellness Fitness WPD WBB bodybuilding shows can be quite the investment (in addition to the blood, sweat, and tears)! For many the financial investment is often a motivator on whether or not it's the right time to compete. You'll certainly need to budget and save to prepare for your show (s)! The reality is you'll have to dish out a few coins to win the trophy! We've compiled a list of the things you can expect to pay for along the way, along with ways to save!
  • Fitness Training $30+ per session - You'll benefit from having the expertise of a certified personal trainer, especially when it comes to dialing in your nutrition plan and progressively modifying your workout routines to transform your physique for your special day! Purchasing your training sessions in a bundle can help you save big! Many coaches offer competition prep packages that will cover you for the entire course of your prep. Maximize your time with your trainer by focusing on your weaknesses, and utilize your personal time to focus on your areas of strength. For example....perform strength training with your coach but, do your cardio at home!
  • Posing Coach $20+ per session - Presentation is key! A great physique, that's ill posed, can be just as bad as a physique that's not quite ready for the stage. Depending upon your coach you may be able to attend a posing clinic or posing sessions as part of a special package. Make sure to practice as much as possible while you're at home so, you can utilize your paid sessions for tweaking your weak points and making improvements!
  • Meal Prep (A.K.A "Them Gains") $200 month (that's humble) - You'll be meal prepping in bulk as you prepare for your next show. Since you'll likely be eating many of the same foods from week to week, this is a great opportunity to save! Purchase your foods in bulk and explore store memberships such as Costo, BJ's or similar. You can freeze or store the excess, and slash your grocery bill. If you have a swolemate or a friend who's competing, even better! If you like similar foods, split the grocery bill and reap the benefits of bulk.
  • Supplements $600+ - Supplements are entirely optional but, there are a few supplements that will greatly aid with energy support and recovery, along with getting the essential vitamins and nutrients to fuel your body! Just to name a few.... a women's daily multi-vitamin, fatty oils, probiotics, CLA, etc....Also if you're using protein powders (large tubs range from $30-$50 on average) which may or may not last the entire month depending on frequency of use! Purchasing in bulk and taking advantage of sales is a must! Many shops and online retailers offer discounts for bulk purchases and/or have reward programs that provide discounts/coupons based on your purchase amounts. Use these rewards to purchase additional supplements as needed. Also purchase generic store brands where possible! Does it really matter if your multi-vitamin is a particular brand? That's a decision you'll have to make!
  • Competition & Card Fees $200+ - Most all competitions have an entry fee required to complete! Depending on the size and notoriety of the show this cost may fluctuate. Federations (NPC, IFBB, etc.) also have fees to be eligible to compete (these fees are good for the entire year, and must be renewed). No escaping this. Nice try! Be selective with your show choices. Give yourself ample time to prep for your shows and consider all the options.  Travel and lodging could add several hundred dollars to your competition costs! Start with local shows and save big! Once you're ready to hit a larger circuit, take advantage of special event rates for host hotels and book early!
  • Hair & Makeup - $200+ - Hair and makeup costs will vary considerably! While professional services are not required, you'll want to look your absolute best as you cross the stage. Also if you plan on taking photos, professional makeup coverage really pays off. Take advantage of event host services (they may offer special rates). Don't wait until the last minute to book these services! Always work with a reputable service that has proof of delivery, you don't want any surprises! This may also be an opportunity for some DIY action if budget doesn't allow. Be sure to run a few test trials prior to show day to make sure your look is just right. You can visit a makeup counter for free makeup application (usually requires product purchase) to experiment with looks and give you some direction.
  • Competition Suit- $200+ - The centerpiece of it all! You'll need a high quality yet affordable competition suit to grace the stage. Depending upon where you shop, you can find a ready made suit for $200+. Bear in mind, ready made suits are not customized and may require additional alterations as your show date nears. Also, the more bling you have, the more it's going to cost! If you're looking to save funds consider how much bling you're planning to pile on! Also consider transforming a pre-existing suit (if you have one). You can add some extra bling, swap out connectors, etc. to give your suit an entirely new look without purchasing an entirely new suit. 
  • Heels $50+ - While physique and bodybuilding ladies save here, Bikini and Figure competitors will need a nice sturdy pair of heels to pose in! If you're running low on funds you can always borrow/share with a friend! Otherwise budget this into your competition costs. If you want your heels to shimmer and shine as much as your jewels and suit, you'll want to allocate a larger budget. The possibilities are endless, make selections that aren't going to break your bank, and leave you feeling confident and excited about your special day. 
  • Jewelry $100+- Really really sparkle! That's what we're here for. Your stage jewels shouldn't outshine your physique but, they should accentuate your hard earned physique. Bling with a purpose! You don't want to distract the judges, you want a gorgeous look that makes you shine. Your physique should be the star! Center Stage Competition Jewels offers several options for adding some extra bling to your look. Refresh a pre-existing look with individual jewels or build a complete set! We don't just bling out athletes, we accommodate all special events. The stage is where YOU are!
  • Spray Tan $100+ - Don't leave your tan to chance. You risk discoloration and sadness. Most shows provide tanning services at the host hotel/host venue. Explore this as a first option before booking services elsewhere. Tanning is just a part of the process but, be sure to get the most bang for your buck by ensuring your tanning service is credible and accommodates free touch ups (things happen!) 
  • Waxing $30+ - Keep it neat & clean.  We'll just leave that there! ;-)
  • Don't have to have but, nice to have $100+ - Bikini Bite, Robe, Cup Case, etc. - Add a cushion for expenses such as these! You don't want to be caught off guard as your show day approaches. Better to be safe then sorry. 
  • Show Tix - $20+ - Remember all of your guests will have to purchase tickets. Also consider backstage passes and special seating. With pre-judging and night shows (finals) your guests will have to purchase two sets of tickets, the costs can add up quickly! Wouldn't you just be a jewel if you paid for all of your guests? While this is desirable you may or may not have the financial resources to do this. Notify your guests early of your show dates (they may be able to catch a special discounted rate for purchasing tickets early). 
  • Photos $150+ - You'll likely want your very own stage shots or video as a memory of your special event. It's not called a peak for no reason! Most shows have photographers and videographers on hand to assist with this. Don't wait until the last minute to book these services! If cost is a concern, make sure your guests have good seats! They may be able to assist in this area, helping you snag some additional stage shots and/or video. Stage shots from most shows can also be found online after the show (on the federation's website). The quality can't be guaranteed but, this is also a free alternative for seeing how you looked on your special day and sharing with friends/family!

Total Estimated Costs As Presented (using a 16 week prep) - $4000+

This is not a deterrent from competing just an eye opener! You shouldn't rush into doing a show if you're not physically, mentally, or financially prepared to do so. Give yourself time, to make sure all the details are just right, so you can shine bright on your special day. Careful planning can help to save money and make the experience that much more enjoyable. It's an investment but, well worth it in the end. Do it for you, and only for you. Your best is THE best (continuously tell yourself that).