Prom Glam Donations | Center Stage Competition Jewelry



Every young woman deserves to feel like royalty on her prom night, regardless of her financial circumstances.

For every purchase you make, we will donate a brand new piece of jewelry to a deserving young lady in need. Your support not only allows you to shine on stage with our competition jewelry but also brightens the night of a student who might not otherwise have access to accessories for her special evening.

We understand the importance of feeling confident and beautiful, especially on significant occasions like prom night. By donating prom jewelry, we aim to empower young women and boost their self-esteem, helping them create cherished memories that last a lifetime.

Simply browse our collection of competition jewelry and make a purchase knowing that with every item bought, you're also contributing to our prom jewelry donations.

Each piece of jewelry donated is brand new and carefully selected to complement the style of the recipients. We're committed to making a meaningful impact in our community, one sparkle at a time.