What Should I Do With My Nails? (COMPETITION NAIL IDEAS)

For female competitors, one decision that's always been up in the air is whether it's necessary to get a professional manicure and pedicure or is an at home job just as good? We've provided a few tips for you to soak over and some inspiration, as you prepare for your next show! After all you want to feel beautiful inside and out, from head to toe, as you cross the stage to showcase your hard earned physique. 
  • Just as with your jewelry, you wan't to accentuate your look not create a distraction. Your physique should always be the center of attention. Choosing the wrong color, may cause your fingers and toes to stick out in the worst way possible (save the fire engine red, lime green, and neon orange for another occasion).
  • When in doubt you can never go wrong with a french manicure. This ensures your nails are nice and neat and polished, without taking away from the rest of your look. If you're going for colored polish stick to nude tones. 
  • If you want to spice things up a bit add glitter or stones to your nails. Balance is everything! Perhaps you'll bling out a few nails and leave the others freshly manicured or polished nude, sometimes less is more.
  • Stick with a manageable and professional length (no Cruella De Vil!). Also think about all the things you'll have to do during the day, it will be alot easier to manage if you have a comfy length of nails! You can also reduce the chances of mishap by sporting shorter nails (nothing spoils the day like a damaged/broken nail).
  • If you're going to dress up your nails don't neglect your toes! Although, we can't be sure, how closely the judges will be examining your piglets, you don't want to leave them out. When in doubt, whatever color you choose for your nails, do the very same for your toes (ditch the bling and keep it simple!). Some ladies like to experiment and add a slight pop of color on their toes (a softer shade of pink, lavender, or red), it's your world and your toes but, you want to have a look that is cohesive!