Choosing The Perfect Competition Jewels 2.0 (5 STEP GUIDE)

You've purchased your suit, satin robe, and heels. Now you're ready to put on the finishing touches. It's time to pick out stage jewelry! We've composed a quick styling guide to make finding the perfect competition jewelry a breeze.
1. Pick A Trim & Crystal/Stone Color - You will always look fabulous if your jewelry matches your suit connectors. Silver/AB jewelry allows you to mix and match. The two most common crystal/stone colors worn on stage are traditional silver and AB (has a rainbow effect that glistens as you move). Both are beautiful and look great under the lights! 
Below are great examples of jewels that incorporate both AB & Silver crystals/stones. These could easily be paired with silver OR ab bracelets and rings.
LEXI  Bracelet 

    MONA Earrings

    Gold suit connectors and jewelry are becoming more popular. Gold looks amazing with deep suit colors like burgundy, emerald, and plum. 


    2. Match Your Connector Shapes - Do you have straight row / bridge suit connectors? Drapes, rope twists, ovals, or diamonds? A match isn't necessary (circles for circles or diamonds for diamonds) but, if you have a distinct connector shape such as crystal flowers you'll want to keep your earrings, bracelets and rings simple. 
    Example: Connector Style Inspiration
    SOPHIE (Drapes)
    DAKOTA (Twists)
    KAELYN (Twist)
    Angel (ANY)
    3. Consider Your Routine- You can't ever go wrong with chandelier earrings. 
    4. Mimic Your Moves - We've always thought that your jewels should mimic your stage presence (not the golden rule, just our thoughts!)
    • Bikini athletes = sass and spunk! Poses are feminine and flow from one to the next! Rhinestone fringe earrings and chandeliers have lots of movement that will really shimmer and shine as you hit your poses on stage. Examples:


      RILEY AB

      Figure athletes = all about those quarter turns! The "X factor is everything. Not as sassy but, each pose has a special edge.  Chunky layered earrings do too. They don't move as much but, they bring the drama!
      • Physique, Fitness, and Bodybuilding Choose a style that suits you and your routine. For a lovely Fitness woman, earrings that are easily caught in your hair or liable to fall off during the routine would not be desirable. Just like the definition of your physique, we love jewels with intricate details. Check out the "striations" on these beauties! 


        5. Choose A Focal Point - You're the one competing, don't make your jewels, suit, robes, and heels compete for the spotlight! It's all about balance. Choose your "center". You may opt for a simple and refined bracelet and ring and really play up your earrings or vice versa.  Balance your look with a standout piece or two (no more) and keep the others simple. This will help you to create a versatile jewelry collection that can be styled in many different ways. For your next show you can swap out jewels to refresh your look with just a few new pieces.