After working tirelessly in the gym to achieve the perfect physique for months, it's finally stage time! You've got the perfect glam jewels, posing heels, sparkly suit,  and two coats of spray tan. Now it's time to tackle a flawless beat!

  • Embrace The Light - Be sure to select a makeup cocktail that reflects light away from your face. This is best accomplished with lighter neutral shades that will really make your face sparkle and shine. When in doubt stay away from dark matte eyeshadow colors.
  • Shimmer & Shine! – If you’re using dark shadows in your creases, pick finishers that have a shimmer or shine. Do the same with your blush and lip colors (nudes, peaches, light pinks, and shades of red look great!). Light eyeshadows with shimmer and shine will catch as much light as possible. For a “glowy” effect use a shimmered highlighter.
  • Throw Shade ;-) – In order to match that nicely tanned physique make your shade lighter as you move from your neck to your face…you want your look to be cohesive. Lighten your shades in the center of your beautiful face for light!

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