Show Worthy Competition Hair (TIPS & STYLING INSPO)

If you've ever watched some of your favorite professional competitors, you'll notice, in addition to a well tanned and toned physique, they have glowy skin, perfectly styled tresses, and makeup. The best of the best sparkle and shine on stage! After months and months of training and following strict clean nutrition, they also spend hours (if not days) tackling stage glam. 
As with your makeup, you'll want to spend some time researching to find the right products and hairstyles to look your absolute best on stage. Hiring a professional stylist provided by your competing organization or enlisting the help of a skilled friend will do the trick! Visit our "Show Worthy Competition Hairstyles" Pinterest gallery below for low carb meal ideas!
Here are a few tips to make sure not even a strand is out of place on competition day:
  • Avoid washing your hair on the day of your show, especially if your hair styles better with "day old hair". If you must wash your hair, be sure to protect exposed skin from splashing water! You don't want to ruin your perfect tan. 
  • Use a product shine gel when flat ironing and curling your tresses or use a spray gloss to set your style. Sprays are often guilty of weighing your hair down so, don't apply them with a heavy hand! You want hair that flows and shines, as you hit cross the stage, hit your poses, and make your mark on the judges. 
  • If you have lengthier tresses play around with different hairstyles, for example: side swept, high ponytail, straight and flirty, sultry beach waves. Shorter tresses naturally maximize volume, so run with that! Go for textured layered styles and cuts that highlight your face.
  • Play with parts! If you prefer a clean and refined look but, want to switch things up a bit, try parting your hair a different way (middle or side). If you have bangs you can fiddle with those too. Side swept bangs are a showstopper!
  • If you're adding some length to your tresses (clip-on or sew in extensions) choose a high quality brand of hair (preferably human) that is not prone to shedding, has nice shine and texture, and stands up to heat styling. Also choose a length and color that looks natural (ditch the floor length tresses). Make sure your hair is washed and conditioned before the extensions are applied. If you're blending your natural hair into your extensions, be sure to use an anti-frizz product to avoid fly aways during the day.
  • Considering changing your hair color? Do your research first and don't make changes on a whim! You don't want a hair color that overshadows the rest of your physique or drowns out your face. Try matching yourself with a celeb or athlete that has a similar complexion and eye color to your own. This will give you a good idea of how the hue will look once all is complete. Your hair color should accentuate the undertones in your skin (warm or cool).
  • Small bling clips and sparkly bands are acceptable, if you're looking to add some extra shimmer to your look. Don't overuse them and make sure it suits the hairstyle. For example: a sideswept hairstyle secured with small bling clips or a high swept ponytail secured with a sparkle band. Just a hint of glimmer! This shouldn't be a distraction that takes away from your overall package.
  • Don't go overboard on the curls. Hair that stands 5 feet tall is a NO-NO, a big NO-NO. Overexaggerated hair also tends to age you well beyond your years. You want a fresh look. Opt for curls that are thick and long, soft (go easy on the product), and shiny!

Browse the gallery directly below for SHOW WORTHY COMPETITION HAIRSTYLES! Visit the CSCJ Pinterest for more competition inspiration!