How To Become A Sponsored Bikini Figure Wellness Fitness WPD WBB Athlete - 5 Pointers

Do you know what it really takes to secure your very first sponsorship as a Bikini Figure Wellness WPD WBB competitor? 

With hundreds of thousands of athletes competing domestically and internationally in shows each season, it takes more than an amazing physique to stand out! It's not just about followers, winning shows, and taking pretty pictures.  

This post includes 5 pointers for securing your very first sponsorship. 

1. Media Matters. Social media is one of the largest platforms for discovering new athletes so, make sure your profile(s) and contact information is always up to date. Make the most of your bio section. Competing name, federation, class, pro card status, show accomplishments, unique hashtags, etc. Consider becoming active on a "new" platform (such as YouTube). Keep your stage shots current and share your bodybuilding journey as you progress throughout the season. If you find a product you absolutely love, be sure to tag the brand. This is a quick opportunity to introduce yourself and engage potential sponsors. If you have strong communication skills, consider starting a podcast. You can start one on your own or work with your trainer / coach or other bodybuilders to help build an audience. If you are having trouble building a following on your own, reach out to prospective media partners. A media partner can help you expand your reach, increase your value, and attract new sponsors.

2. Sometimes It's OK To Be Direct. If you have an active brand with a growing audience and a unique + creative concept for collaboration, you may consider approaching your desired sponsor directly. Otherwise stay tuned for open (public) sponsorship opportunities by following your favorite brands. Be aware, brands receive many sponsorship inquiries each season so, a serious proposal should be engaging, descriptive, and to-the-point. Provide quantitative data for your social media and focus on how you can help the sponsor achieve their goals. You must be able to show the sponsor why you are worth the investment.

3. Consider All Opportunities. You may start with something small and grow into something much bigger as you develop a track record. You can't be sure who gets what or what future opportunities will be available so the way you communicate and carry yourself is key for developing and maintaining relationships. Do your due diligence prior to making any agreements and make sure you have the time and ability to fulfil the terms of the agreement. If you are offered a sponsorship and you decline, fail to respond in a timely manner, or breach the agreement, you likely will not be considered again in the future.

4. Come Outside. Bodybuilding events provide an opportunity to network with other athletes, meet potential sponsors, and showcase your skills and achievements. By attending you can build relationships with key players in the industry, gain exposure, and increase your chances of securing sponsorships. Make sure to dress professionally, bring business cards, and be prepared to talk about your goals and achievements. 

5. Go The Extra Mile. A professional website can serve as a hub for all your content, achievements, and contact information. Make sure to include your bio, competition history, and community involvement.  Your website should be well-designed, easy to navigate, and showcase your accomplishments and unique selling points. Your website should also be mobile-friendly, as many people browse the internet on their phones.  With a professional website you can showcase your personality, build your brand, and demonstrate why you are a valuable asset to potential sponsors. By having a website, you can stand out in a crowded field.