Reinvent Your Stage Glam!

Do you compete several times per year? Enlist this guide to revamp your stage look from show-to-show and season-to -season at a fraction of the cost!


  • Start by building a versatile competition jewelry set. Straight row bracelets and rings pair well with any earring style!
  • If you're looking to save, an earring swap gives you an entirely new look without purchasing an entirely new set.
  • Like to switch things up for each show? AB & Silver mix jewelry pairs well w/ silver, ab, and silver/ab accessories and suit connectors. Peep these gorgeous AB & Silver beauties... "GYWNETH". 

Competition Suits

  • Connector swaps are a less expensive way to incorporate new shapes and colors into your suit design. Ready to be bold? Gold competition jewelry and connectors are all the rave this competition season. 
  • You can always add more stones to your suit. Well...until it's completely covered of course. A scattered bling design will allow you to easily add more bling to your suit without compromising design quality. Using different stone sizes, colors, and effects (such as AB) will give your suit an extra bit of sparkle. 
  • Want to switch your suit color throughout the season? You may not be able to purchase a new suit for each show but, it's always a good idea to have a backup. In the case of show day emergencies you're always covered and you can rotate looks from show to show.

Posing Heels

  • Start with a clear pair of posing heels in your favorite style. You can always add more bling later! This will reduce your upfront costs and give you the flexibility to change your look at any point during the competition season. If you decide to change looks, any added stones can be gently removed.


 Happy Competing! - CSCJ