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Beyond the glamour of women's bodybuilding, there exists a lesser-discussed reality: the financial commitments and personal sacrifices needed to compete. The goal of this post is to empower athletes and enthusiasts with insights and tips to make informed decisions on the journey to the stage.

Competition Coach $50 - $150 (per session)

Not all coaches are created equal so, it's essential to find someone who is knowledgeable about the sport and has a track record of success both in competing and in coaching other competitors. A great coach will tailor their approach to your individual needs, helping you develop a customized training regimen that maximizes your strengths and addresses any weaknesses. Your coach should also be able to provide guidance on nutrition and meal planning. Depending on the coach, a meal plan may be included in their services or offered at an additional cost. 

Customized Meal Plan $100 - $200 (per month)

Depending on your coach, your meal plan may or may not be included in the overall  coaching or training package. If your meal plan is not included, it might be provided separately on a weekly or monthly basis, often at an additional cost. A tailored meal plan is crucial because it aligns your nutrition with your specific training needs and goals. It's important that your meal plan is adaptable and can be adjusted based on your progress and changing needs through your prep. 

Gym Membership $20 - $300 (per month)

It's a good practice to hold a separate gym membership so, you can workout on days even when you and your coach are not training together. A basic membership at a well-equipped gym will typically get the job done. However, if you don't enjoy the atmosphere of big box gyms and prefer a more private, intimate workout experience, you may want to explore boutique gyms or specialized fitness centers. These options might come at a higher cost but, they can provide a more comfortable and personalized environment, which can be beneficial for staying motivated and consistent in your training routine. 

Food $50 - $100 (per week)  Every competitors meal plan should look different, tailored to their specific nutritional needs and fitness goals.  As a starting point, it's wise to budget around $50 - $100 per week for a single adult cooking at home. If you prefer the convenience of a meal prep service, be prepared to adjust your budget accordingly.
Supplements $50-$100 (per month)

Consult with your coach or a qualified nutritionist before incorporating any supplements into your regimen to ensure they align with your specific needs and goals. If you're working independently without professional guidance, focus on essential supplements like a daily multi-vitamin, protein powder, and BCAAs.  before taking any supplements. These basics can provide foundational support without overwhelming your budget or potentially conflicting with your training program. 


Posing Coach $50 - $150 (per hour)

Enlist the help of a qualified posing coach who has experience competing and working with athletes in your specific federation and division. A good coach will provide personalized feedback, helping you to perfect your poses to highlight your strengths and minimize weaknesses. While there are plenty of free videos online if you're training yourself, keep in mind that posing is not as easy as it looks! Proper technique, confidence, and stage presence are crucial to making a strong impression on the judges. 
Clear Posing Heels $50 - $100

When selecting posing heels, prioritize finding a balance between style and comfort to enhance your confidence during your routine. Opt for heels with a platform sole, as this not only adds stability but also improves comfort, helping you maintain balance and execute poses with precision. A snug and secure fit will help to avoid discomfort and instability on stage. Try on various sizes and styles to find the pair that best complements your feet and provides the necessary support.

Practice Posing Suit $75 - $150

Investing in a practice posing suit is a wise choice to fine-tune your physique and perfect your posing technique effectively. Competition suits are both costly and delicate, making them ideal for performance rather than practice. By using a practice suit you can preserve the condition of your competition suit while still receiving valuable feedback on your posing. Ensure the suit fits snugly yet comfortably, offering support without restricting your movements. Look for a durable, stretchy fabric that can endure frequent wear and washing, ensuing it maintains its shape and quality over time.


Federation Membership

$50 - $150 (amateur)

$100 - $300 (professional)

The cost of federation memberships for bodybuilding competitions can vary significantly based on several factors. These include the specific federation you choose, whether you compete at the amateur or professional level, and any additional benefits or services included in the membership. Certain federations may provide discounted rates for students, military personnel, or competitors entering multiple categories or divisons. Thoroughly research the requirements and fees associated with membership in your selected federation(s) before committing to any competitions. 

Competition Entry Fees

$100 - $250 (per category)

Competition entry fees can fluctuate depending on several factors. These include the competition's level (local, regional, national), it's prestige within the bodybuilding community, the number of categories you intend to enter, and any supplementary amenities or services offered by the organizaers. Carefully review the competition guidelines to understand any supplementary costs or prerequisites linked to registration, ensuring you're fully prepared for all financial aspects of participating in your chosen event (s). 

Competition Tan

$100 - $200

A professionally applied competition tan highlights muscle definition and presents a polished stage appearance. It's advisable to schedule your tanning appointment well ahead of the competition date to secure a slot and to allow ample time for the tan to set properly. Follow any pre-tan preparation guidelines provided by the tanning service to achieve optimal results. 



$100 - $300 (per night)

Prices for accommodations can vary significantly, particularly if the competition is hosted in a popular tourist destination or during peak travel seasons. To manage costs effectively, explore options early and consider potential savings through competition-specific room blocks or discounted rates offered by event organizers. These arrangements can often be found on the competition's official website or through direct communication with the host venue. When budgeting for your trip, factor in the duration of your stay, any additional fees or amenities, and transportation expenses to and from the competition venue.


(varies widely based on destination)


Booking travel arrangements early is essential for managing costs and minimizing last-minute stress. By securing flights or other means of transporation well in advance, you can take advantage of lower fares and promotional offers, maximixing your budget for other competition expenses. Early booking allows for greater flexibility in selecting preferred travel times and accommodations, ensuring a smoother journey to the competition venue. 

Competition Jewelry

$50 - $100

Having the right competition jewelry is key for completing your stage-ready look. As you pack for your bodybuilding competition, remember to include at least one ring, one bracelet, and a pair of earrings that complement your overall aesthetic and enhance your physique's presentation. Packing a backup set of jewelry is a smart precaution to mitigate unexpected situations, such as a jewelry breakage or misplacement, ensuring you're prepared for any last-minute adjustments on show day. Choose jewelry pieces that not only sparkle under stage lights but, also reflect your personal style and confidence, adding to your overall stage presence and competitive edge. 

Competition Suit

$100 - $500+

When choosing a competition suit, prioritize fit, comfort, and quality materials like Swarovski rhinestones, which can significantly impact the price. The cost of competition suits vary greatly based on the intricacy of design, customization options, and the use of premium embellishments. Suits adorned with Swarovski rhinestones or other high-quality materials often come with a higher price tag due to their luxurious appeal and meticulous craftsmanship. It's important to consider these factors alongside your budget and personal preferences to select a suit that not only enhances your physique and confidence on stage but also reflects your unique style and performance needs.


Show Day Make-Up

$100 - $200+

Hiring a professional makeup artist experienced in competition makeup can ensure your look is polished and camera-ready under bright stage lights. Communicate your desired look clearly, whether it's a natural glow or a bold, dramatic style that enhances your features and complements your competition suit. Practice and test your makeup beforehand to ensure it withstands the heat and intensity of the competition day. Additionally, consider using waterproof products and setting sprays to maintain your makeup throughout the event. Investing in professional makeup services can make a significant difference in your overall stage presence and confidence during your performance.

Show Day Hairstyling

$100 - $200+

Whether you opt for sleek and polished hair or glamorous curls, choosing a hairstyle that complements your facial features and competition suit is crucial. Consider consulting with a hairstylist experienced in competition hairstyles to create a look that aligns with your personal style and enhances your stage performance. Practice your hairstyle in advance to ensure it holds up well under stage lights and throughout the competition day. Using quality hair products and accessories can help maintain your hairstyle's shape and durability throughout the event. A well-executed hairstyle not only completes your competition look but also boosts your confidence as you step onto the stage to showcase your hard work and dedication.

Nails (mani and pedi)

$50 - $100+

Well-maintained and professionally done nails can elevate your overall presentation and complement your competition suit and jewelry. Schedule your nail appointment in advance to ensure your nails are fresh and flawless on competition day. 


$50 - $100+

From legs and arms to underarms and bikini areas, thorough waxing sessions provide a clean canvas. Schedule waxing appointments in advance of the competition date to allow for any potential skin reactions and ensure optimal results. 


Stage Photos

$100 - $250+

Stage photos not only document the culmination of months of training but also showcase your physique in its peak condition under stage lighting. Professional photographers specializing in bodybuilding competitions understand the nuances of stage photography, ensuring that each shot highlights muscle definition, symmetry, and overall stage presence. A variety of photo packages are offered by event photographers, which may include digital images, prints, and additional editing services to enhance the final photos. 

Private Photoshoot

(varies widely)

A private photoshoot following your competition will allow you to capture your physique in a more personalized and controlled setting, away from the stage. Unlike stage photos that emphasize competition readiness, private photoshoots offer the flexibility to showcase different poses and angles that highlight muscle development and aesthetic details in a more relaxed environment. These sessions are ideal for creating a portfolio of images that can be used for personal branding, social media promotion, or professional purposes within the fitness and bodybuilding industry. 

Show Day Photography / Videography

(varies widely)

Show day photography and videography capture the moments and performances of competitors on stage. Professional photographers and videographers specialize in documenting the excitement and intensity of competitions, ensuring that athletes have high-quality images and videos to commemorate their efforts. These visual records not only serve as cherished memories but also provide valuable content for social media, personal portfolios, and promotional materials. 

Bodywork / Massage

$50 - $150+ (per session)

Bodywork and massage therapy play an important role in the preparation and recovery of competitors. These specialized treatments help athletes manage muscle tension, enhance flexibility, and alleviate soreness before and after competitions. Skilled therapists employ techniques such as deep tissue massage, myofascial release, and sports massage to target specific muscle groups and promote relaxation. Prior to competitions, bodywork sessions can optimize muscle definition and improve circulation, contributing to a more polished physique on stage. Post-competition, massages aid in muscle recovery, reducing the risk of injury and promoting overall well-being. Incorporating bodywork into a training regimen can enhance performance and support the physical demands of competitive bodybuilding, ensuring athletes feel their best throughout their journey.


(varies widely)

Bloodwork provides valuable insights into overall health and fitness readiness. By analyzing biomarkers such as hormone levels, cholesterol, and nutrient deficiencies, athletes can fine-tune their nutrition and training plans to optimize performance and achieve peak physical condition. Regular blood tests also ensure athletes meet competition requirements and maintain health standards throughout their training cycles. Consulting with healthcare professionals to interpret bloodwork results empowers competitors to make informed decisions about their fitness journey, supporting longevity and success in the demanding sport of bodybuilding.