Which Class Is Right For Me?

So, you've decided to prepare for your first (or next) bodybuilding competition!

  • Informed decision X
  • Motivations are pure X
  • Fitness regime down pat X
  • Diet is clean-clean-clean X
  • Beast Mode = Activated X

All systems are a go, the only decision left is, which class do you compete in? There is no right or wrong answer but, you'll need to consider your current interests, competition timeline, and muscle muscle muscle! We've included a few short descriptions for each class.


  • Judged on a lean and firm physique, scored on proportion, symmetry, balance, and shape. ABS and GLUTES = #majorkeyalert Generally 8-10% BF. This may just be the perfect class for you if you're a new competitor looking to make your debut. You'll work all muscle groups but, give your abs (from every angle) some much deserved attention. Also don't skip on the donkey kicks! Tight & toned is the mission. 


  •  A series of quarter turns to judge symmetry, presentation, and other aesthetic qualities. The "X" is very important! What is this you ask? Well formed shoulders, upper back, small waist, and shapely glutes and quads (make sure you work them really good!). Visible muscle separation but no visible striations. Generally 5-10% BF.
  • Judged on athletic physique, symmetry, muscle tone, poise, and flow of physique. Yes, you can also showcase your femininity!
  • Individual choreographed routine set to music as well as comparison judging.
  • Visible muscle separation and some visible striations are desired but, not excessively shredded. 5-8% BF
  • Similar to physique but, size and muscle striations are GREAT! Symmetry and shape are both important with competitors divided into weight classes, not height. Lean and shredded = the way to go! 

Whatever your decision, make sure you're comfortable! Regardless of class, each requires a unique amount of hard work and dedication. Diet is and will always be #1 regardless of the class you're preparing to compete in! Ready to compete but, not sure if you're ready for your desired class? Attend as many local shows as possible! At a glance you can pinpoint the qualities of each class and what makes a strong competitor. Once you're ready start with a warm-up show  (local show) in the class that best suits your current physique. Be sure to take notes on the judges' critique (and results) then propel yourself into an off season of gains with plenty of clean food (focusing on your weakneass and making them strengths)!

Muscle building takes time but, it's not impossible. Enlist the expertise of a competition coach if desired to ensure you're meeting your macro goals, lifting and exercising according to your goals, and setting yourself up for many-a-gains. Dreadless hours of cardio are not the move! While it will be necessary, make each cardio session count by giving it your best effort every single time and gradually increasing your sessions over time. Let your diet (and lifting) do the bulk of the work!

Who said lifting weights makes you look masculine and bulky? These pros are living proof that lifting heavy and eating clean, prepares you for an amazing physique (and you can still maintain your femininity).

Those looking in from the outside may not have a thorough understanding of the sport and all that it takes to make it big! Sit them down, dish the deets, and make the non-believers believe. Do this for you, not for anyone else!

For many becoming pro is an absolute dream (not just for aesthetics) but, as an open door to accomplish an assortment of fitness goals. Whatever your aspirations, you can do it! Give yourself ample time to prepare, and attack it with a vengeance. 

Tips For Choosing The Right Class

  •  First and foremost choose to compete for yourself (not because your coach, friends, or fellow competitors thinks it's a good idea).
  • Attend local shows beforehand to get a better picture of what it's like to compete (you can also view the results/photos for most shows right online).
  • Pick a goal show & devise a comprehensive competition prep plan (enlist a coach if needed). Even the pros need guidance! If you miss your goal, so what? There are plenty of shows to choose from & you want to bring your best package to the stage.
  • Allow yourself ample time to acquire the necessary muscle mass needed for your class (a twig snapped in two is still a twig). You'll need time to grow, just as much as you'll need time to properly diet and shed excess bodyfat.
  • Push yourself harder than you ever have! Doing the same things (exercise, diet, or lack thereof) yield the same results. Focus on your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

Happy Competing Jewels!